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25/28mm Billet Rebuild Kit

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25/28mm Billet Rebuild Kit

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Technology Elevated highly recommends that SmartCarb owners perform yearly maintenance on their SmartCarbs including a thorough cleaning, inspection for damage and wear, and the replacement of service parts.

Yearly maintenance ensures that the SmartCarb is working at its optimum performance and replacing service parts guards against normal wear and tear that can cause fuel leaks or other running irregularities.


The 25-28mm Billet Rebuild Kit contains the recommended replacement service parts for all 36-40mm Billet model SmartCarbs.

Parts Included:

  • 2 replacement Vent Tubes
  • 2 Fuel Nozzle O-Rings
  • Throttle Return Spring
  • Cap Gasket
  • Bowl Gasket
  • Body Gasket
  • 3.5mm high-flow Needle & Seat
  • 2 Cap Screws
  • 2 Bowl/Body Screws


25/28mm Billet Rebuild Kit