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Moto-Master Flame Series Fixed Rotor (MM-110623)

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Moto-Master Flame Series Fixed Rotor (MM-110623)

Part Number: 110623


The Moto-Master Flame Series Brake Discs are manufactured to the tightest tolerances and specifications using a specially hardened premium quality stainless steel.


  • Flame shaped venting slots and outer perimeter ensure an equal amount of contact surface between the brake pad and disc, allowing you to brake harder.
  • The Flame design ensure the brake pads are always evenly supported on the rotor surface. This prevents the pads from tilting under high pressure.
  • Flame shaped venting slots are lined with the direction of movement allowing oversize slots without chipping away at the brake pads.
  • Unique Flame shaped outer perimeter and venting slots overlap to continuously clean the whole brake pad contact surface while hot gasses are immediately evacuated.
  • Specialized laser cutting technologies provide a razor sharp cut which won’t corrode.
  • Disc thickness is parallel within a 0.003mm margin. This eliminates any possible brake lever pulsation while giving unsurpassed rider feedback.

Bike Fitment:

  • Beta RR250 2T Enduro Racing 2014 and up

Moto-Master Flame Series Fixed Rotor (MM-110623)