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Camelbak Quick Link for 8mm hose

Camelbak Quick Link for 8mm hose

No need to buy a new reservoir, take advantage of new technology.

Retrofit your old reservoir with the CamelBak Quick Link Conversion Kit, so you can take advantage of the ultra-versatile Quick Link system.

Once your installed the Conversion Kit—a female connector with auto-shutoff and a Quick Link male connector—you can quickly and easily customize your reservoir with any number of accessories, including...

  • CamelBak Antidote filters,
  • Insulated tubes, flow meters (all sold separately),
  • Even a plain ol' fresh tube if you decide you’d rather not tackle the one that sat in the back of your truck for two months with energy drink festering in it.

By converting your reservoir connection, you can keep your tube routed through your pack and simply unclick and remove the reservoir for faster refills

INCLUDED: Quick Link female connector with auto shut off Quick Link male adapter.


Here’s how to attach the Quick Link components to your reservoir:

  • Cut the drinking tube 50mm – 75mm from the base of the reservoir.
  • Moisten the bottom threads of the Quick Link with rubbing alcohol and insert into the smaller tube with force. Do the same thing for the drink tube.
  • Unclick to fill and load reservoir, click in to drink



Camelbak Quick Link for 8mm hose