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ROK Strap - 75cm Set of 2 Straps



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ROK Strap - 75cm Set of 2 Straps

Sorry, this product is out of stock. Please check back soon.

ROK Straps Adjustable Stretch Straps are ideal for securing smaller loads.

Designed specifically for securing smaller loads, the ROK Strap Reflective Stretch Strap secures a wide range of cargo without the use of rigid hooks.

  • Adjustable length for a multitude of applications
  • Easy to use buckles for quick connections
  • Loop webbing mounting points


  • Width: 9.52mm wide
  • Secures up to 35 Kg
  • Flat shock cord to minimize pressure on load
  • Reflective3M - enhances visibility in low light conditions
  • Solid natural rubber shock cords for longevety
  • Complex shape to resist curling
  • UV, shatter and crack resistant buckles
  • Polyester braided webbing for wear resistance
  • Webbing loop connection points
  • Rugged quick release buckles
  • Minimal recoil for safety
  • No sharp hooks to protect your bike and gear
  • Corrosion proof & rot resistant to withstand the elements for years of use


ROK Strap - 75cm Set of 2 Straps