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RevealPRO Thermal camera

RevealPRO Thermal camera

RevealPRO is an affordable, high-performance handheld thermal imaging camera

Offering adjustable thermal level, span, and emissivity settings, RevealPRO breaks new barriers by offering high-resolution thermal imaging and software capabilities at an affordable price

  • RevealPRO is an advanced handheld thermal imaging camera which is highly durable and easy to use.
  • RevealPRO combines a high-performance 320 x 240 thermal sensor with intuitive software to help you work smarter.
  • LED light:  When you need it, a powerful 300-lumen LED light is available at the touch of a button.


  • Thermal Level and Span
    • Easily set and lock a temperature range to display the maximum thermal information of any object or scene with a set point and range.
  • Emissivity Control:
    • Calibrate for emissivity through easy, pre-defined settings. Compensate for various surface materials, ensuring accurate readings and reporting.
  • Nine Standard and High Contrast Color Palettes
    • From standard grayscale to spectra high contrast, RevealPRO provides the visual capabilities necessary to help users easily examine and understand thermal imagery during inspection.
  • Full-Frame Mapping of Temperature Distribution
    • Displays all temperature data for maximum clarity and resolution.
  • Multiple User Modes
    • Normal, Spot temperature and Level & Span included.
  • Ruggedized Display
    • 2.4" color display featuring Corning® Gorilla® Glass protection.
  • 4x Digital Zoom - Wide
    • 32 deg field of view with 4x digital zoom capability lets you easily scan a large area and identify potential hazards in seconds.

If you are tuning your bike and want to see where the heat is building on the engine and pipe this will give it to you instantly including the surface temperature


Download RevealPRO Specs PDF

Download User Manual PDF



RevealPRO Thermal camera