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Soto Muka Stove Cooker Petrol Fired

Soto Muka Stove Cooker Petrol Fired

The Muka Stove is the best I have ever seen, it runs completely clean running on Petrol, no other stove will do that and the boil rate is very fast.

The instant light and run with no preheat is just awesome.

The Muka Stove is a huge advantage for Adventure Bike Riding to have your cooker fuel the same as the bike, it will be your get out of jail free card one day

The Muka Stove has revolutionized common understanding of a gasoline stove’s characteristics such as becoming dirty with soot, cumbersome preheating, and maintenance before and after use.

This gas stove combines a reliable, powerful output and ease of care. Muka is not a simple gasoline stove but the next generation of stove.

Make sure you watch the video, I have set up a pot and heated water and it is absolutely clean.


  • Hose and pump,
  • Maintenance tool and a carrying case.
  • Wide mouth
  • Fuel Bottle sold separately.


  • Output: 4,000 kcal/h 4,650 W 15,800 BTU
  • Applicable fuel: Unleaded gasoline and white gasoline
  • Duration: Burns approx. 56 min. at maximum output using 480ml car gasoline.
  • Weight: 164g without pump, 333g including the pump.
  • Working dimensions - click link:  Working dimensions here
  • Packed size 80mm round
  • Full size to support a pot 150mm round
  • Standing height 80mm


Click the highlighted link for the Soto Muka Stove Fuel Bottle



Technical information on the operating valve

Soto Muka Stove Cooker Petrol Fired