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Goldentyre GT-216 Extreme Enduro Tyre 80/100/ 21



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Goldentyre GT-216 Extreme Enduro Tyre 80/100/ 21

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Goldentyre GT-216 Extreme Enduro Tyre, .... yes their tyres are the best


  • FIM approved enduro front tyre. Created and designed especially for enduro racing, V shaped knobs layout give optimum corner precision.
  • The lightweight, flexible carcass with reinforced shoulder guarantees a large contact surface and good shock-absorption.


These tyres have dominated the extreme enduro world for the last 3 seasons and have become essential equipment for anyone wanting to compete at the top level. Don't think these tyres are a one trick pony though, they are super durable tyres for traditional enduro, trail riding and hardcore dual sport use as they are "ALL ROAD LEGAL."


Motomox import only the best range of dirtbike tyres in New Zealand. Goldentyre has the best tyre technology on the market.


The 216 series are my personal favourites, their ability to hold on to side hill is very impressive and the hook up matching engine rpm with slow ground speed is awesome, even after 40 hours the tyres still perform very well


The newly introduced 80/100-21 tyre offers further improved grip on tricky terrain and is recommended to be used with the same sized mousse or Tubliss


Make your ride fun

Make your ride memorable

Make your ride something to rave about

Make your ride with Goldentyre



  • Tyre Size  80/100-21
  • Wheel Size  21
  • E-Mark Approval
  • DOT Approved
  • Load and Speed Rating  - 57R
  • Riding Type: Cross Country / Desert, Enduro, Enduro Rally / Enduro On-Off, Motocross
  • GoldenTyre Code GOP3172AA
  • FIM Approved
  • Front Tyre
  • Terrain Hard, Mid, Mid Hard


Click the highlighted link to go to the Goldentyre GT-216 Extreme Enduro Tyre 140/80/18 (Rear tyre)


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Goldentyre GT-216 Extreme Enduro Tyre 80/100/ 21