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Goldentyre GT-233 Premium Trail Tyre 90/90/21

Goldentyre GT-233 Premium Trail Tyre 90/90/21

Goldentyre GT-233 Premium Trail Tyre, ..... yes their tyres are the best


The GT-233 front tyre is designed for varying terrain types from intermediate through to hard-packed.

This GT-233 front tyre has the same rolling diameter as most 90/90-21 tires. Its lower sidewall construction and large footprint provide reduced torque, greater contact surface, and better cornering.

These features make the GT233 an ideal competition tyre, in everything from motocross and supercross through to enduro cross.

Motomox import only the best range of dirtbike tyres in New Zealand 

Golden Tyre has the best tyre technology on the market

The TUbliss system works extremely well in conjunction with the Goldentyre

It is one of the newer tyres in the GoldenTyre range and has been quickly adopted as a favourite by Taddy Blasuziak, who is currently running one for his 2016 American Enduro cross campaign.

Make your ride fun

Make your ride memorable

Make your ride something to rave about

Make your ride with Goldentyre


  • Tyre Size 90/90-21
  • Wheel Size 21
  • DOT Approved
  • Load and Speed Rating TT 57R
  • Riding Type Cross Country / Desert, Enduro, Enduro Rally / Enduro On-Off, Motocross
  • GoldenTyre Code GOP3285
  • Front Tyre
  • Terrain Hard, Mid, Mid Hard


Goldentyre GT-233 Premium Trail Tyre 90/90/21