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Spectro Foam Filter Fluid

Spectro Foam Filter Fluid

Designed by racers for racers that know the difficulties of a quick and easy foam filter maintenance program.

This pour-on fluid is thick enough to stay put and not drain to the bottom of the airbox; yet it is also sticky enough to grab onto even the finest dust. It can do this and still provide the highest air flow possible, even as it resists the passage of water.

Foam Filter Fluid may be used on all OEM and aftermarket foam filters, but do not use on gauze, fabric or paper filters.

This new formula is a revision of our previous pour-on filter fluid. You get the same protection as before with a faster dry time. 


Technical information:

  • It is a blend of oil, solvent, tackifier and grease.
  • Oil is there to collect the dust particles.
  • Solvent helps apply the fluid to the filter but evaporates - that is why you leave them to stand after oiling them.
  • Tackifier helps prevent the oil from running off the filter once the solvent has evaporated.
  • Grease also helps to prevent the oil from running, but more importantly, the grease helps to ‘shed’ any water that may find it’s way into the air box giving the filter a ‘waterproof ability’ (as long as the bike is not drowned in a river).


  • The best filter oil to use but is a little more messy and needs patience.
  • For the Workshop, or the perfectionist. Has to be cleaned by a solvent if this fluid is used.

Spectro Foam Filter Fluid