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Jumper Leads Enduro Style

Jumper Leads Enduro Style



With the ever increasing number of bikes going to electric start only, and batteries getting smaller, the last thing you need is to run out of battery power and ruin your ride.  Even worse it always happens in the worst possible place.

So what can go wrong ?

  • A drowned bike, we all know how long they take to start.
  • Left the ignition on overnight
  • Short in the wiring causing parasitic power draw
  • Battery not receiving full charge
  • Faulty earth connection
  • Faulty power cable
  • Faulty magneto
  • Faulty regulator/ rectifier

The list goes on, the main thing is being prepared.


The Mox Enduro Jumper Leads are 550mm long design to carry 70 amps so plenty of power to help get things going.  

The Mox Leads use low profile battery clamp at one end that fit in the confined space of a motor bike battery holder, the other end is spade terminal that can be held in place by a second person.


We have two sets of leads available, the Adventure Leads with clamps at each end of the lead, then the enduro Leads with clamps at one end and spade terminals at the other end.

The enduro leads are made to be smaller in your bag, clamp to one battery and manually held at the terminal end.


Jumper Leads Enduro Style