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FunnelWeb Air Filter KTM

FunnelWeb Air Filter KTM

FunnelWeb have utilised the latest technologies in open cell polyurethane foam profiling to substantially increase the filter’s surface area, not only offering more protection, but enabling the filter to last longer before cleaning and re-oiling.

FunnelWebs tough, injection moulded urethane seals were chosen for a precise fit, positive seal and strength. The seals have been designed to fit the air box and the filter frame.


Overall, compared with conventional foam filters, FunnelWeb offers more protection from dirt ingestion and has longer service intervals and maintains high airflow rates when dirty.

  • The single layer, single density polyurethane foam has the added advantage of ease of cleaning and the ability to maintain its original shape after numerous cleans.
  • The filter’s pyramid foam profile increases the surface area of the filter by around 100%. This allows the filter to trap & hold far more dirt on its much larger outer surface meaning longer service intervals whilst maintaining optimum air flow. As any dirt is spread over a much larger surface area, airflow restriction caused by dirt build up is minimised substantially.
  • Applying a bead of grease to the filter seal will ensure an air tight / water tight fit. Grease is much easier to apply and clean off our urethane seals than with foam seals.

  • The filter will require servicing if there are any dry areas appearing on its surface.
    • This is an indication the dust has built up in that area and is migrating into the oiled foam.

Fitment no 464

  • KTM 125 / 144 / 150 / 250 SX 2007-2010
  • KTM 200 / 250 / 300 / 450 / 530 2008-2011
  • KTM 250 / 450 SX-F 2007-2010

  • Husaberg TE 250 / TE300 2011-2012



FunnelWeb Air Filter KTM