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Hilleberg Keron 4 GT (Black Label)

Hilleberg Keron 4 GT (Black Label)

Hilleberg are one of the best tents in the world, manufactured to the highest quality.

The Hilleberg Keron GT - which has an extended vestibule, is an outstanding hard use, all-round wilderness tents. 

A four season tunnel tent, which handles easily in all conditions, makes it the perfect choice for New Zealands harsh climate and conditions, we all know we can get 4 seasons in one day, well throw them all at this tent with confidence.

The Keron 4 GT offers the best option of space, strength, flexibility and comfort in a lower weight package. Due to the strength to weight, and space to weight ratios, as well as the two door / two vestibule configuration this tent is perfect for year ‘round use, especially in exposed and/or above tree-line terrain, this tent is ideal for almost any adventure, especially suited to extended snow camping and extreme weather conditions,

The Keron 4 GT has become a very popular tent with outdoor enthusiasts because of the superb durability and excellent wind stability, and the roomy interior, but at the same time the Keron 4 GT is also an excellent choice for families, hikers and “regular” users – anyone wanting a tent that is exceptionally sturdy yet relatively light in weight, that will work in any situation and will handle many years of use.

  • Mountain Guides
  • Search and Rescue Teams
  • Forest Rangers
  • Families & Regular Users


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Features / Performance Attributes:

  • Tent Fabric: Kerlon 1800 outer tent fabric and 10 mm poles make for an exceptionally strong and stable tent.
  • The tunnel design, with its continuous pole sleeve construction and linked inner and outer tents makes the Keron 4 GT easy and quick to set up.  It offers maximum space to weight ratio and is the ideal choice for mobile journeys.
  • The Keron 4 GT has a spacious interior, full sitting height throughout the entire inner tent, the two vertical inner tent entrances, and the tunnel design itself, which creates near-vertical side walls.
  • Two entrances and two vestibules provide flexibility and comfort. For instance, one vestibule can be designated for gear stowage, while the other can be used for food preparation or gear sorting.
  • One entrance of the tent can always be situated out of the wind.
  • The entrance on the GT’s extended vestibule boasts a full no-see-um mesh door (which can be zipped off completely), and a multi-slider zipper door that can be opened from the top, side, or bottom.

  • Ventilation System:  The Keron 4 GT’s ventilation system functions regardless of the weather conditions:
    • Each end has a large vent, placed high enough to keep air moving even if the tent is dug down into deep snow.
    • Vestibule vents are backed with no-see-um mesh and adjustable air-permeable snow-proof panels that are accessible from inside or outside the tent.

  • Tent Footprint:
    • An optional footprint covers the entire area of the outer tent, including the vestibules.  It connects directly to the tent, and can be left attached during pitching.

Tent Specifications:

Every tent comes with:

  • Outer tent, inner tent, guy lines with runners, poles, pegs, stuff bags for tent, poles and pegs, spare pole section, repair sleeve and instructions.

Minimum weight: Refers to the outer & inner tents & the poles only.

Packed Weight:    Includes all items that come with the tent



 Minimum Weight
 Packed Weight  

4.6kg / 10 lbs 2 oz

5.5kg / 12 lbs 2 oz

 Inner Height

110cm / 44 inch

 Inner Tent Area

4.4m2 / 47.3 ft2

 Vestibule Area

3.4m2 + 1.6m2 / 36.6 ft2 + 17.2 ft2

 Poles (10mm)

4 x 368 cm / 4 x 144.9 inch


22 Y-Pegs


Click here for the Hilleberg Tent label information


Hilleberg Keron 4 GT (Black Label)