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ReviveX Soak Waterproofing 237ml

ReviveX Soak Waterproofing 237ml

ReviveX Waterproofing Soak works on everything from Carhartt® workwear and rain gear to fleece jackets and GORE-TEX® pants.

If you’re looking for a longer lasting, eco-friendly, air drying, DWR-restoring water repellent that even works on cotton, search no farther! One treatment with ReviveX® Waterproofing Soak by Gear Aid™ creates and restores water repellency all season long.

  • Concentrated to treat 8 garments
  • Ideal for breathable and non-breathable fabrics
  • From Cactus Workwear, GORE-TEX®, eVENT®, Fleece, almost any garment
  • Heat set Formula, florine free

The flourine-free soak formula ensures the water repellent adheres to your clothes rather than washing down the drain.

Set this versatile repellent into the fabric with heat for superior performance, or let it air dry for those items that don’t like to get hot.

ReviveX Waterproofing Soak’s concentrated formula treats twice as many garments as other wash-in formulas and is guaranteed to perform.


Revivex Waterproofing Soak  - 8oz. / 237ml


ReviveX Soak Waterproofing 237ml