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Battery Heated Soft Shell Vest For Men



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Battery Heated Soft Shell Vest For Men

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Venture Heat’s Softshell Heated Vest for men is a versatile outerwear for all walks of life.

The modern style paired with our innovative quad-zone heating design allows you to be even more comfortable than ever. Hair-thin micro-alloy fibers provide your core with warmth while blocking wind and water without adding bulk. With the built-in temperature controller (power button), you control the weather and dial in the heat settings to create your personalized microclimate.

The City Collection features clean lines, smooth curves with a tailored fit while still featuring our Xtreme Comfort Technology heating system. The XCT utilizes revolutionary micro-alloy fibers heating elements for lightweight and flexible clothing with soft, pliable and hair-thin heating panels. The 4 heating panels evenly distribute energy-efficient heat to ensure the warmth will stay next to your body where you need it most.


  • Power System Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
  • Heating Elements
    • 2 on back, 1 on each chest
  • Heat Settings
    • Low, Medium, High
  • Rechargeable Battery 604B, 2200mAh
  • Voltage 7V
  • Gender Men
  • Exterior Fabric - 94% polyester / 6% Spandex
  • Lining Mesh
  • Style Heated Soft Shell Vest

Quad-Zone Heating
With 4 flexible heating panels in the fleece, 2 heat panels in the lower back and 2 each side of the chest, with soothing heat on demand.

Xtreme Comfort Technology
Venture Heat pioneered the Xtreme Comfort Technology. The ultra-thin flexible heating panels eliminate the bulky feeling of heating coils by using energy efficient micro-alloy fibers to provide quick and efficient heat on demand.

Safe System
The heating system runs on 7V lithium-ion battery and has a built-in microprocessor in it to regulate itself. The DC powered micro-alloy heating panels are free from harmful Electromagnetic Fields

Heat Duration

  • Low - Green LED Light / 6 Hours
  • Medium - Yellow LED Light / 3.5 Hours
  • High - Red LED Light / 2 Hours




Battery Heated Soft Shell Vest For Men