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Good Buggers

This page lists riders who use Mox gear and stand by it!

Two Moto Kiwis

Two Moto Kiwis

This is my twin brother Andi and his wife Ellen, they left New Zealand on the 3rd May 2012 for an epic overseas ADV ride.

They are wearing Klim gear, and over 110,000 km and more than 2 1/2 years wearing the gear nearly every day and it is still waterproof!!, that has to be the best gear you can get to do that.



Josh from RemoteMoto is a keen fan of the Klim riding gear.

Josh also uses a range of other Mox products with one of his favourites being the Mox range of LED bike lighting.

Josh being one of the most frequent riders I know is a good test for our products, he is a fussy bugger and gives us feedback on the durability of our products which is good.

You can see the Mox gear in action at 

Wanaka Motorcycle Club

Wanka Motorcycle Club

Wanaka Motorcycle Club, open to all brands and types of bikes (and people).

On one of my Mox trips I met the team at the local, what a cool bunch of guys with the huge playground right around them.

You can check out their web site